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May 20, 2013

Aadhaar Authentication Overview

Aadhaar authentication is the process in which Aadhaar Number, along with different attributes like biometrics needs to be submitted online to the CIDR for the verification on the basic of data/information present on it.

Aadhaar authentication offers many ways to user for authenticate themselves. there are two main types of aadhaar authentications are ‘Demographic Authentication’ and/or ‘Biometric Authentication’.


                              Fig 1.0 Aadhaar Authentication Overview

At the time of aadhaar authentication transaction , the person’s record is selected by using his aadhaar number and then demographic/biometric details are matched against the stored data which was provided by the person during enrollment process.

all types of authentication needs, Aadhaar Number to be submitted to CIDR so that authentication can happen to 1:1 match

for 1:1 match, the aadhaar authentication requires Aadhaar Number and in response to that aadhaar returns results in the form of “yes/no”

Aadhaar authentication offers agencies to verify , identify of a person using an online and electronic means. where enrollment agency collects information  from the resident with their aadhaar number and sends this data for matching at CIDR

Based on the requirements of the service, different identifiers could be used along with Aadhaar Number. These identifiers can be used with combination of biometrics (such as fingerprints, iris) and/or demographic details (such as Name, Date of birth, Address) and/or a secret PIN or One Time Password (OTP) number known only to the resident.

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