July 12, 2013

Iris Recognition Technology Service

Biometrics Integrated help companies integrate Iris recognition technology into wide range of applications.

  • Iris Gate entry systems
  • Iris recognition for Banking & Finance applications

Biometrics Integrated Identification Services

Providing outsourcing solutions for corporations and government agencies that require fingerprint background checks. Biometrics Integrated Identification Services maintains a network of processing centers in key locations where certified technicians process applicants quickly and easily and also provides card scan and onsite scheduling and processing

Let the fingerprinting services experts at Biometrics Integrated help you get the information you need fast!

When you are making a hiring or licensing decision, you want to do it with confidence. By submitting fingerprint records electronically you can receive criminal history results in days instead of months. Faster results mean licensing or putting employees to work quickly and with peace of mind. Prospective licensee and employee fingerprints are captured quickly in a friendly, professional environment by one of our certified fingerprint technicians.

By taking advantage of our proven service methods and expertise, you gain a trusted business partner capable of providing an effective and convenient means of handling your applicant processing needs.

Biometrics Integrated serves applicants in a wide variety of industries that are required to obtain fingerprint-based, Facial and Iris criminal records checks as a condition of employment or licensing under state and/or federal law. Our extensive experience and knowledge of these industries allows us to easily satisfy the diverse business needs of our customers.

Child Care Workers   Teachers and other School Employees
Adoptive Parents   Armed and Unarmed Guards
Health Care Workers   Home Health and Hospice Workers
Children and Family Services Workers   Mortgage Brokers
Youth Sports   Higher Education Employees
Lottery Employees   Nursing Home Employees
Public Transportation Workers   Transportation Workers
Foster Parents   HAZMAT Drivers
School Employees   Airline and Airport Employees
Concealed Firearm Permits   Casino Employees

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