Biometrics Integrated is the industry’s leading independent system integration and consulting firm, providing a broad range of biometric solutions and services to government and private sector clients. Biometrics Integrated provides business and technical biometric solutions in applications ranging from network security and transaction systems to access control and large-scale identification. Biometrics Integrated has extensive hands-on experience with all biometric hardware and software solutions, including fingerprint, AFIS, facial recognition, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina-scan, voice recognition, signature verification, and keystroke dynamics.

Biometrics Integrated is completely vendor-independent and technology-neutral, allowing it to objectively and independently assess biometrics companies, biometrics technologies, biometric products, biometric solutions and projects. The firm has been working continously well in the in the field of advanced electronic Identification, Automation and Tracking solutions.

Biometrics Integrated has strong focus on Research & Development, Electronic Product Design Services and Distribution in India, Middle East, American and European markets. The firm also has an expertise in designing, developing and integrating several identification, automation and tracking technologies. These include Biometric, RFID, AutoID, GPS, GPRS, 3G and  many other security & wireless technologies.

Biometrics Integrated is involved in providing innovative biometric products and biometric solutions based in advanced electronic technologies. We are committed to –

  • Provide wide range of Biometric Fingerprint recognition products and system integration services
  • Provide wide range of RFID products and system integration services. Has designed and developed proprietary Active RFID products for innovative applications.
  • Provide complete GPS tracking products and web based fleet management and realtime vehicle tracking service plans for indian and international markets.
  • Provide M2M and customized GPRS/Wireless communication products and Design development services. Such services help international entrepreneurs to launch new businesses entirely based on our technology and their ideas.
  • Biometrics Integrated specializes in domain of Identification, Automation and Tracking solutions. If you have requirements for any products or services in above domain you can get in touch with our Sales team or fill our send requirements form.