July 12, 2013

BioEnable SmartSuite Software

A Web based Time Attendance Management Software with complete HRMS Solution. BioEnable SmartSuite is a comprehensive suite of web based applications which have been primarily developed to solve complex HR software needs of a small to large size organizations.

BioEnable SmartSuite includes:

  • Organizational Management Software
  • HRMS Solution Software
  • Report Management Software
  • Visitor Management Software
  • Leave Management Software
  • Customized Software Solution

Apart from these functionalities, BioEnable SmartSuite has lot many other functionalities catering to the needs of modern organizations. Thus making it the best choice for all your HR needs.


Download Powerpoint Presentation on BioEnable SmartSuite Software


For more information on this product, please visit – BioEnable SmartSuite Software

BioEnbale SmartSuite Features

Using BioEnable SmartSuite, you can –

  • Improve service levels through real-time alerting for unplanned absence
  • Manage overtime, identify opportunities to increase employee utilization
  • Reduce administration
  • Reduce absentism
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce risk on non-compliance
  • Maintain attendance status in realtime
  • Monitor work scheme in a flexible manner
  • Manage information in a comprehensive manner
  • Accurately report employee/time attendance to HR
  • Increase staff empowerment and motivation
  • Knowing who is and isn’t at work at a glance gives you better control of your business
  • Evaluate the performance of your business in more detail

BioEnable SmartSuite Software Screenshot


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