Online Demo


This is the Online Demo, which can be used to test Finkey Hamster Series(HFDU01/04/06) & eNBioScan-C1/FDU08 Fingerprint Scanner for the Local Enrollment and Authentication,Aadhaar Based Authentication and Aadhaar Based e-KYC Features. The Online Demo categorised into 3 different types,which are listed below:

1.Local Enrollment and Authentication Demo : tabs like "Enroll" and "Logon" on this page are used for this type of demo.On "Enroll" tab, User need to register with user data like "User Name" and his fingerprints.The user data will be stored on local system only.Also user can check authentication feature from "Logon" tab , where user just need to enter "User Name" and place his register finger then the application returns the appropriate result.

2.Aadhaar Based Authentication Demo : Aadhaar authentication is the process where Aadhaar number and other details like demographic/biometrics/OTP(One Time Password) is submitted to UIDAI ' s Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for verification. The CIDR verifies whether the data submitted matches the data available in CIDR and responds with a YES or NO. No personal identity information is returned as part of the response.

tab like "Aadhaar Authentication Demo" on this page is used for this type of demo.On the same tab , user has to enter his Aadhaar Number with his registered fingerprint then the application returns result in YES or NO format.No other personal information shared.

3.Aadhaar Based e-KYC Demo : RBI had notified eKYC as an 'officially valid document' under anti-money laundering laws on September 2. The facility would enable an Aadhaar registered individual from anywhere in the country to walk up to a branch and open an account by merely providing his UID and scanning his fingerprints . Not only will the Aadhaar database provide documents relating to the proof of identity, address and photograph , it will also populate the bank's database with the applicant's contact details.

tab like "Aadhaar e-KYC" on this page is used for this type of demo.Here user just need to provide registered fingerprint to get the e-KYC response.

Note : For "2.Aadhaar Based Authentication Demo" & "3.Aadhaar Based e-KYC Demo" ,We are connecting to UIDAI's Test servers and user must have his records in test server.

Test Server Details:

Auth URL -<1st-digit-of-uid>/<2nd-digit-of-uid>/

AUA Key : "MEWs4XwP0AzUVGSlKwZkMqeHJqyOvzIfz1rxEFm1uu0cRhoxjeWcIqY"

ASA Key : "MKzX8dnY5qyuO4z8neQPDqrSCMAU5pCS32obnzl83xwtFdi45gwK6QA"

2.Pre-requisites for the Online Demo:

I]Drivers :Before going to start for the Online Demo,you need to download and install driver software for your fingerprint device from this page.It can be downloaded from bottom right table of this page.Drivers should be installed on the local system where we are peforming fingerprint device operations.

II]Client Application :You need to download and install the client site application by clicking on "Download Now" Button :

3.Pre-requisites installation procedure for the Online Demo:

Client Application and Drivers Installation steps are as follows,

Step I: Download file and respective drivers to your computer.

Step II: Unzip File and Respective Driver File Driver.

Step III: Run the setup.exe file, following the installation guide.

After Successful Installation, The application will Start Automatically.

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