Aadhaar – Unique Identification Authority of India

UIDAI AADHAAR program launched in Maharashtra on 29 September 2010. this project initiated for the welfare of the indian citizen.

Each Aadhaar number is unique in nature.Aadhaar number is given to each individual and it is valid for life.Aadhaar number is a random number generated, does not represent any classification based on caste, religion and geography

Aadhaar number plays important role in day today’s life as it helps you to get services like banking, telephone connections,Government and Non-Government.

The individual who fulfills the verification process specified by the UIDAI can enroll for aadhaar.this aadhaar enrollment process is free of cost.

Aadhaar has various benefits such as :

  • Easy and Faster Online verification
  • Cost Effective
  • De-duplication process removes false and duplicate identities from government’s database