Aajeevika Skills

What is Aajeevika Skills ?

Aajeevika – National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) launched by Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India in June 2011. The Aajeevika Skill mainly focuses to give education to the occupational aspirations of the rural youth who are poor and unemployed. Aajeevika skills make rural poor youth employable with providing skills which will help him to get the money.Aajeevika Skill can play an important role in diversifying incomes of the rural poor.

Aajeevika Skill Development program gives youth from poor communities to upgrade their skills and enter the skilled work force in many sectors . Training and placement schemes carried in partnership with public, private, non- government and community organizations.Aajeevika Skill Development program built strong relationships with industry and employers. The aim of this project is to skill and place 50 lakhs youth in the formal sector by 2017.

Why Aajeevika Skills Required ?

Aajeevika Skills is essential because India has got the advantage of having the world’s largest population of young people. If we invest adequately in their education and employment, this youth power has potential to transform the Indian economy into better position. keeping these things in mind ,Central and the State governments has taken initiative of aajivika skills development project which can create 500 million skilled and certified technicians by the year 2022. this can make India’s growth more inclusive and shared.


Aajeevika Skill has many features which are listed below

  • It provide optimum training (Minimum 624 hours) with modules on trade specific skills, IT and soft skills.
  • Both central and state governments involved for smooth working.
  • Provides 75% assured placement by giving wages which are higher than minimum wages amount.
  • Provides customized residential and non residential training
  • Food and transport support during training programs.
  • Special programs for Jammu and Kashmir, Minorities and Most critical Left wing Extremist Districts.
  • Post placement support available.