Behaviometrics – Handwriting Recognition System

Introduction :

Biometrics is the automated system that can identify an human being by measuring their physical and behavioral uniqueness or patterns, and compare it to those on record. There are different types of biometrics which can identify fingerprints, face, iris, palm vein prints,voice of an individual.

Biometric identifiers can be categorized as follows:

1.Physiological characteristics

2.Behavioral characteristics.

Physiological characteristics means shape of the body e.g it includes fingerprint, face recognition, Palm vein print, iris recognition and lot more

Behavioral characteristics are related to the behavior of a person, e,g typing rhythm,gait, and voice and lot more , some researchers have also called this as behaviometrics.

Behaviometrics – Handwriting Recognition System Working:

Bio-metric systems analyze the act of writing by checking the pressure used and the speed , rhythm of writing and not just by observing the way in which the words are formed but it also records the sequence in which the letters are written.A handwriting recognition system’s sensors include a touch-sensitive writing surface or a pen that contains sensors that detect angle, pressure and direction.The software translates the handwriting into a graph and recognizes the small changes in a person’s handwriting from day to day and over time.

Behaviometrics – Handwriting Recognition System Advantages :

Details recorded by signature-scan may include the total time taken to sign,the ration of pen-up to pen-down time, the speed of the strokes, the pressure applied, the number and direction of the strokes, and the total size of the signature,among other variables”. So the unauthorized person would have to recreate your signature within some time frame while applying the correct pressure.