Bio-Baby Infant Security

Bio-Baby Infant Security

Municipal Corporation of Pune have installed security system namely “Bio-Baby Infant Security System“ for preventing Infant/Child theft from Municipal hospitals. First time this system is installed in Pune at PMC’s Kamla Nehru Hospital.If this security system is implemented in all Municipal hospitals of Pune and pimpari chinchwad , it will definitely stop child theft.

First time In Pune city , Bio-Baby Infant Security System is installed at Kamla Nehru Hospital(KNH). KNH has capacity of 250 Beds, It also has maternity wards. This hospital has two PNW’s (Post Natal Ward) where Bio-Baby Infant Security System is installed. It provides security with the help of computer which is centrally located. Bio-Baby Infant Security System is handled by PMC’s Kamla Nehru Hospital staff. The Hospital has 28 Bed capacity In each PNW’s (Post Natal Ward) , where they provide security tags to each mother and baby.

There are 2 Nurses, 2 Helpers and 2 Security Guards present in both wards all the time. Although hospital has this enough staff, Municipal Corporation has planned to install Bio-Baby Infant Security System for full- proof protection said by Hospital’s Medical Officer Dr.Bhartan. They have also provided training to their staff for handling this security system effectively.

Bio-Baby Infant Security System

In this security system, mother wears tag like a wrist watch on her left hand and infant having tag at his/her ankle. If in case, the tag detached from mother’s hand or infant’s ankle, it changes color on the system also if somebody tries to take baby out of ward then system starts alarming very loudly. There are two alarms installed in the Kamla Nehru Hospital. Municipal Corporation has procured this security system from BioEnable Technologies, Pune.

In Pune city, there are 43 Municipal Hospitals out of which 14 are Maternity Hospitals. As city have most of the maternity hospitals of Municipal Corporation, the admission rate in these hospitals is very high so to secure these mothers and infants, this security system is necessary. Municipal Corporation has been considering “Bio-Baby Infant Security System” to install in every municipal hospital.

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