BioEnable Infant Security Solution (BISS) Kit


Securing infants immediately after the birth from theft or Abduction has become a major challenge across the globe, more prominent in developing countries like India. Existing/conventional manual processes adopted by hospitals adds to lot of confusion & un-intentional child swaps, in hospitals where there is high delivery rates per day.

The BioEnable’s Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping.

Complete Kit of BioEnable’s Infant Security Solution contains following three components:

  • Wireless tags ( Quantity : 3 nos )
  • USB based tag Reader ( Quantity : 1 nos )
  • Software supported ( Software CD containing computer base Infant Security Solution Software )

BIIS Kit content has been elaborated below :

Wireless tags (Here we offer five different types of wireless tags which are listed below , one can choose according to their need)

1]Lanyard based mother tag (Black).

2]Adjustable Strap tamper proof tag.

3]Tamper proof tag with 3 different size of straps.

4]Advanced temperature & motion detector based tag.

5]Wrist band based mother or Staff tag.

USB based tag Reader

6] USB based tag Reader

Software components:

7]BioEnable’s Infant Identification software application


For point 1 to 6 , Please see below snapshot.

For point 1 to 6 , Please see below snapshot.

Please see below snapshot for point no. 5 i.e Wrist band based mother or Staff tag.

For point 7 , Please see below snapshot