BioEnable introduces RFID based security solution for schools and other educational institutes


A school generally deals with the various high priority security risks.Parents need to observe their student accountability in the school also school authority need to restrict outsider access in the school for the sake of student’s security.

By considering this challenge, BioEnable has come up with RFID based security solution for schools.

System Components:

The solution has following main components which are mentioned below,

  • BioEnable’s Wrist Band Based or Lanyard Based Wireless Tags : These are the RFID Based wireless tags which will be associated with student.
  • BioEnable’s Wireless Reader: Wireless reader can detect multiple wireless tags at a time. These readers are placed at the entrance, exits, school buildings, buses etc. When a student comes near to the wireless reader., it detects the particular tag and notifies it to Main Controller
  • Main Controller (Local) : It checks the student’s status from the wireless readers placed in the school premises and intimate his/her parents via SMS gateway.
  • Central Server: Receives data from single or multiple Controllers, processes an analyzes the data and present the information on a web portal, which can be accessed by parents or school staff.
  • SMS Gateway: For sending and receiving SMS to and from the parents.

Solution Work Flow:

Please see the following work flow diagram for the offered solution,

Solution Work flow has been elaborated below:

  • Student and his parent registered with their details like student information, Student ‘s Wireless Tag details, Parent information with their mobile number etc.
  • Once the registration is complete, student is tracked for his his movement across the premises and his presence in the classrooms can also be determined. This is achieved by installing Readers at various location in the premises.
  • The Tracking data is collected at a central location in the school and optionally uploaded to central server, where data is processed and analyzed. Based on Rules and analysis various configurations can be set to inform (through SMS / Email / Web portal) parents about the kin’s presence and exceptional movements. e.g., Parents can be informed
  • once the student arrives or leaves school premises
  • If he is not attending classrooms etc.
  • In addition to this , Special Wireless Readers with GPRS enabled sim cards can also be installed in buses, to track students presence in buses.

RFID Based Security Solution Kit :

RFID Based Security Kit for schools has the following things :

  1. Lanyard Based Wireless Tag / Wrist Band based Tag ( as per the user requirement).
  2. Wireless Reader ( as per the user requirement).
  3. BioEnable’s Student Security Software Application(CD containing the Required software setup and documentation).


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