BioEnable Lanches Payroll Software


Payroll Software is a suitable for all small and medium-scale organization, A payroll software is a software solution designed to improve the productivity of the people responsible for properly recording and controlling all aspects of the payroll of the workers and employees of organization, thereby reducing excessive work loads and reducing mistakes,

Payroll Software also considers the tax law and labor force in each country including local tax calculations .

The organizations which uses payroll software can have all the records of their employees, dates of entry, payment and removal ,records of all the employment relationship the organizations has had with each of their employees.

Payroll software works on OS like Windows XP, Windows 7,Linux.

Payroll Software has Menu-Driven Programs, it makes Payroll Software user friendly also it generates various important reports.

Payroll Software saves company’s resources by reducing unnecessary paperwork.

Features of Payroll Software are listed below:

  • Password protection at various levels
  • Data Backup/Restore Function
  • Facility to import attendance details from Attendance software or enter it manually
  • Definitions of Salary Earning/Deductions Heads (% on basic or amount)
  • Parametrized for PF/ESI percentage, Profession Tax slabs
  • Locking / Unlocking of Salary after processing
  • Pay Slip,Salary Master’Salary Register,Salary Summary (one page)
  • Statements like Bank, PF, P. Tax, ESI

Here are some snapshots of Payroll Software :