BioEnable Launches Fingerprint Scanners for Android Tablets and Mobile


Fingkey Hamster DX is a popular USB Fingerprint Scanner now available for Android based Tablets. This increase portability of Fingerprint reader on the Android, an operating system designed for the Smartphones ,Tablet Computer and other mobile devices. Android Fingerprint Reader require Tablets or Smartphones with USB Host port and an upgrade of the existing Operating system.

Fingerprint Scanner for Android is perfectly suitable for Government / Semi Government / Banking Projects related to Identity management and National ID . Fingerprint reader for Android is very safe and convenient device for fingerprint data collection for wide range of Identity projects.

Features – Android Fingerprint Reader for Tablets / Mobile

  • Scratch proof scanner surface
  • Crystal clear finger scan images
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Expected lifespan of 5-10years
  • Supported by Award winning Patented Nitgen Fingerprint Algorithms & SDK

Certifications – Fingkey hamster DX – USB Fingerprint Scanners / Fingerprint Readers

  • MIC Fingerprint Scanner Certification
  • CE certification for Fingerprint Reader
  • FCC certification for Fingerprint Reader
  • WHQL certification for Fingerprint Reader

Applications of Android OS Supporting Fingerprint Scanners

  • Government National ID & Civil ID projects
  • Police & Law enforcement
  • Mobile Attendance for Schools
  • Visitor & Members Identification
  • Specialized applications in Banking, Defense & Security