BioEnable Launches Infant Security Solution for Hospitals


Securing infants immediately after the birth from theft or Abduction has become a major challenge across the globe, more prominent in developing countries like India, and the challenge multiples, with the existing/conventional manual processes adopted by hospitals, which adds to lot of confusion and un-intentional child swaps, in hospitals where there is high delivery rates per day.

The BioEnable’s Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping. Moreover system helps prevent female infant killings, by centralizing the infant database across the city / state / nation level.

BioEnable’s Infant Security system has the following main modules :

  • Biometric Footprint & fingerprint Enrollment & Verification System
  • Wireless Baby Monitoring System
  • Access Control System
  • Visitor Management System
  • CCTV & IP Camera Saver System
  • Audio Video Communication System
  • Guard Tower System
  • Staff Management

Fig.1.0 Biometrics Matching Process

Advantages of BioEnable’s Infant Security system:

  • Easy & Automated System
  • Lowers the risk of abduction
  • Cost saving and effective
  • Easily integrated with other modules
  • Customizable to hospital needs and preferences