BioEnable launches Multi-Biometric Kiosk System for Attendance and Security


Uni-biometric systems are simply getting outdated with the evolution of Multi-biometric systems. By combining the biometric aspect for identification and verification, a multi-biometric system is considered to be far better performer than its traditional techniques.

Multi-biometric systems has multi layer protection as it uses leading biometric types to give fastest and accurate result with enabling the indexing of humongous databases.

BioEnable’s Multi-Biometric Kiosk System :

BioEnable has announced the launch of its newest-generation Multi-Biometric Kiosks with a new range of features for identification and verification. This kiosk system offers identification, Verification options using Fingerprint, Face, RFID, Password or combination of these.

This Multi-biometric kiosk is a self-contained front-end platform, which easily installs in office spaces to perform the simultaneous capture of the face image and fingerprints

Kiosk has multilingual touch screen support and adaptability; this kiosk can be used for application outside of the banking sector including food coupons, self-service kiosks, ticket sales, member verification systems and retail, among others.

Fig.1.0 Multi-Biometric Kiosk Application Window

Key Features – Multi biometric Authentication System (Fingerprint + Face + IRIS + Password)

  • Fingerprint scanner support: More than 70 fingerprint scanners models are supported by this software
  • Face capture camera support: A number of face capture cameras and web cams are supported by software.
  • Iris scanner support: A number of iris capture cameras and multi-modal face-iris devices are supported by software.
  • It allows you to create image of biometric data along with data stored in the database.
  • MINEX compliance: fingerprint technology was recognized by NIST as fully MINEX compliant.
  • Maintains Logs of all authentications/verifications done on the system.
  • Logs can be easily imported to BioEnable’s Smartsuite Web attendance System.
  • Web interface for configurations (coming soon)