BioEnable Launches Smartsuite – Lite


SmartSuite – Lite is a Time Attendance & Management software with ability to connect the Biometric Devices. SmartSuite – Lite also avoids the manual work of connecting to device. it automatically connects the biometric device and collects attendance logs from device. SmartSuite – Lite also contains basic Time attendance features like In/Out Logs, Shift management, Leave Management and some basic reports like daily attendance report.Attendance Logs from biometric device can also be saved in different database using the SmartSuite – Lite.

SmartSuite – Lite is having different modules like Company / Branch / Department Management,Employee Management,Shift Management,Holidays and Leave Management,Manual Entry of Attendance.

It can also be used for building management system.

Fig 1.0 Shift Master Report

Fig 2.0 Muster Report

Smartsuite – Lite Features are listed below:

  • More Device Support: This software is supported to devices like BioAccessV2 , NAC2500 ,NAC5000 ,BIOSH , BioAccessV2 plus at a time.
  • Different Database support: Attendance logs from device can be stored in different database. Default database is Mysql, user can use A1 database, Nitgen’s Database or Access Database.
  • Automatic Log Downloading: This Software can collect the logs from device at defined time interval and stores in the specified database.