BioEnable Multi-Biometrics Solution


Biometrics is the automated system that can identify an human being by measuring their physical and behavioral uniqueness or patterns, and compare it to those on record. There are different types of biometrics which can identify fingerprints, face, iris, palm vein prints,voice of an individual.

Biometric identifiers are categorized in two categories:

1.Physiological characteristics

2.Behavioral characteristics.

Physiological characteristics means shape of the body e.g it includes fingerprint, face recognition, Palm vein print, iris recognition and lot more

Behavioral characteristics are related to the behavior of a person, e,g typing rhythm,gait, and voice and lot more

Biometric Advantages :

  • No need to remember password.
  • High Security
  • Offers mobility
  • Positive and accurate Identification
  • Impossible to deceive
  • non transferable
  • Safe & user friendly

but in actual , no single biometric type can meet all the requirements of every possible application so it’s better to use above biometric types ( i.e fingerprints, face, iris, palm vein prints,voice of an individual types) in combination to improve it’s Quality,Accuracy and Reliability.

BioEnable’s Multi-Biometric system

BioEnable has announced the launch of its newest-generation Multi-Biometric Kiosks with a new range of features for identification and verification. This kiosk system offers identification, Verification options using Fingerprint, Face, RFID, Password or combination of these.

This Multi-biometric kiosk is a self-contained front-end platform, which easily installs in office spaces to perform the simultaneous capture of the face image and fingerprints

Kiosk has multilingual touch screen support and adaptability; this kiosk can be used for application outside of the banking sector including food coupons, self-service kiosks, ticket sales, member verification systems and retail, among others.