BioEnable SDK Features for Single Fingerprint Scanners


BioEnable SDK is a Software Development kit, combining the existing BSP (Biometric Solution Provider) SDK and 1:N fingerprint recognition engine, not only for a regular fingerprint application, but also for an application using fingerprint Databese’s of large capacity with high fingerprint search speed. It provides High Level API (Application Programming Interface) which allows easy and swift implementation of software and UI (User Interface) of the wizard type, so that it saves user’s time and effort in developing an application. It operates on a variety of platforms supporting different operating systems and development languages.

BioEnable SDK also connects to other fingerprint recognition devices, which are manufactured or based on the advanced hardware design technology. It support single finger as well multi finger scanners. It not only offers optimal conditions for development of fingerprint recognition-related solutions with a sophisticated fingerprint recognition algorithm inside, but also guarantees high fingerprint search speed and high recognition ratio.

BioEnable SDK Functionality for Single Finger Scanners :

  • Multiple-Fingerprint Enrollment ( 1- 10 Fingers )
  • Secure Fingerprint Data (Safe management of fingerprint information using 128bit encryption algorithm)
  • Optimized Graphical UI (User Interface) with UI customization through skins
  • Provides easy implementation for User Interface of wizard type, it allows convenient and fast development capability
  • Maximize fingerprint enrollment up to 10 fingerprints / 1person.
  • Support .NET environment for new application development. Provides a .NET Class Library for Microsoft .NET
  • Provides COM class library which can used in VB6.0, Classic ASP, ASP.Net, Java etc.
  • Auto capture Finger Print
  • Image conversion (BMP, JPG, WSQ) : Available in COM references

Matching :

  • Provides 1:1 verification of Fingerprints
  • Fast 1:N Matching function – Indexing search : medium / small size (a fundamental form)

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows

Programming Language Support and Samples:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Registration/Verification sample with Database(C#/MS-Access)
  • ASP.Net
  • VB6.0
  • Classic ASP
  • C#.NET