BioEnable Single Eye Iris Scanner SDK – BioIrisOne-SDK


BioEnable developed Single eye Iris Scanner called BioIrisOne. it was designed and developed with over 2 years of research.BioIrisOne is the first Iris scanner to be designed & manufactured by an Indian company.

BioIrisOne-SDK provides the Application Programming Interface (API) to capture Iris from BioIrisOne scanner , which can be later used for the enrollment and matching purpose. BioIrisOne-SDK has been developed using the C#.NET programming language and offers a set of ready-to-use API functions, making it easy for developers to create different applications as per requirement.

BioIrisOne has been developed by BioEnable without any collaboration or support from existing iris manufacturer.BioIrisOne already being used in few commercial projects.

BioIrisOne-SDK Features are listed below : –

  • Ease of use – Provide easy functions for iris capture.
  • Standard Compatibility – Compatible with ISO standards like ISO 19794-6.
  • Image Handling – Handle images in different formats.
  • Support .NET environment for new application development. Provides a .NET Class Library for Microsoft .NET.
  • convenient and fast development capability.

Supported Platforms :-

  • Windows XP (32-bit), and Windows 7 (32-bit).

BioIrisOne-SDK download link: