BioEnable’s Infant/Child Security System


The BioEnable’s Child/Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping. Moreover system helps prevent female infant killings, by centralizing the infant database across the city / state / nation level.

With combination of advanced Wireless radio frequency technology and biometrics, the system is highly reliable and easy to use.

BioEnable Infant/Child Security System has a module which verifies Infant/Child using wireless technology, Enrolled baby and mothers can be anytime verified by the system by matching their wireless tags (See below images for the overview)

Fig1.0 Wireless Child/Infant Security System Verification

Mother and baby are already registered with their wireless tag details now they just need to visit identification/verification room ,where operator checks wireless tag details and send those details to central server for matching.once both wireless tags are successfully verified,application returns positive result

Devices used for Baby Monitoring: