BioEnable’s Integrated Healthcare Solution

BioEnable’s Integrated Healthcare facilities know that hospital security management and access control must be as perfectly executed as the most complex medical procedure. After all, money, reputations, and even lives are on the line.

BioEnable knows healthcare security. We know that hospital security management goes far beyond ID badges and cameras. A world-class healthcare facility needs a comprehensive and effective security approach that works; BioEnable Healthcare solutions offer high-stakes security 24 hours a day at your respected healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Departments :

In a professional hospital , Generally there are following separate sections made in hospitals for smooth functioning.

  • The emergency/trauma department (gang fights, vendettas, domestic conflicts, child custody conflicts, VIP patients);
  • Infant care area (infant abduction, need for CCTV and infant security);
  • Pharmacy/drug storage area (alarm and access control systems);
  • Prisoner care area (receiving, elevator lock-off, surveillance, command center);
  • Operating rooms (access control, delayed egress hardware, CCTV),
  • Labs (access control, duress alarms, CCTV);
  • Geriatric care area (patient locators, CCTV);
  • Psychiatric care area (lock-down capability, access control, staff duress, solitary room);
  • Morgue (decedent services area, access control, alarm system, CCTV); and
  • PBX area (late-night security, rest room security, door release, duress alarm).

BioEnable Integrated Healthcare Solution:

Here are some distinct technologies which can be used in healthcare industry for enhancing the service,safety,security offered by the hospitals to their patients.

  • Visitor Management System.
  • Baby Foot Print Identification System.
  • Wireless RFID System.
  • CCTV / IP Camera Based Surveillance Solution.
  • Public Announcement System.
  • Guard Tour System.
  • Access Control System.