Biometric Finger Vein Based Time Attendance System Kit


Finger Vein Reader is newly emerging technology in which fingerprint authentication takes place by capturing images inside the finger ,these images are like other biometric pattern which are highly unique in nature also these patterns are practically unable to reproduce as duplicate.

Finger Vein Reader can be operated by user just passing their finger near- infrared light , this IR light absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins allows the image to be stored in the camera.

Finger Vein Reader can capture wet,dry fingers efficiently also it can easily capture patterns of the old people.This technology is simple , less expensive also it can be used for various projects irrespective of all sizes.

Taking above advantages into consideration ,BioEnable has launched Biometric Finger Vein Based Time Attendance System Kit.

Advantages of finger vein reader Technology:

  • No Physical contact required:The finger does not have to touch the sensor so it maintains the hygienic concerns and sensor life and reader remains clean without degrading the performance of the sensor.
  • Highly secured and accurate : vein patterns is the internal structure of the body, it is impossible to create copy of someone’s biometric template. The sensor of the finger vein reader requires the hand and blood flow to register an image.
  • Matching Technology : finger vein technology supports both 1:1 and 1:N matching.

Biometric Finger Vein Based Time Attendance System Kit contains:

1. Finger Vein Reader ( Quantity : 1 Nos)

2.Finger Vein Recognition Software Application ( CD Containing Drivers and Computer Based Finger Vein Recognition Software Application Setup)

Please see below snapshot for Finger Vein Based Time Attendance System Kit :

Fig 1.0 Finger Vein Reader

Fig 2.0 Finger Vein Recognition Software Application

Features of Finger Vein Recognition Software Application:

  • Easy Integration : It can be easily integrated to other softwares like HRMS, SmartSuite etc.
  • Highly Customized User Interface.
  • Logs management : This module stores every authentication log details also it offers export log functionality to different format.
  • User Management : User can be categories in different groups to maintain each department record in the organization separately.
  • 1:1 Authentication Time < 0.5 sec.
  • 1:N Authentication Time < Approx 1 sec ( for 10000 Users).

Benefits of Finger Vein Based Attendance System Kit:

  • Multiple Device Support : Application can be used with other defined biometric products. (Optional)
  • Cost effective.
  • Increases Work Efficiency of the Employees.
  • Reduces Manual Errors.


  • Government sector
  • Public Sector
  • POS, ATMs or kiosks
  • Other industry-specific applications
  • Time and Attendance


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