Biometric Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner with Fast Recognition


BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner supports several modes of operation. This self-contained device performs all biometric functions and processing inside the sensor and provides template storage for both search and verification functions.

It performs image processing, image output, feature extraction,biometric template generation, 1:1 matching or verification, 1:N matching or identification, and a pass/fail result.

Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner is best for industry has got best biometric matching performance for any person in any environment.It supports standard liveness detection to ensure only genuine fingers can be matched also it increased throughput and user convenience.It also supports multiple integration options to enable rapid integration in a wide variety of legacy and new applications.

Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner has the following features :

  • Images surface and subsurface fingerprint features using patented multispectral imaging technology
  • High-contrast 500 dpi images
  • many communication interfaces supported: USB 2.0, RS-232
  • ANSI 381 images and ANSI 378 / MINEX-certified biometric templates
  • Local verification (1:1) functions with template storage for up to 50,000 users
  • Local identification (1:N) capacity up to 1,000 users per bank and up to 10 banks for a total of 10,000 users.
  • Small, ready-to-integrate form factor for easy mechanical integration
  • Operates across wide ranges of temperature, relative humidity, and ambient light
  • High durability glass platen with no coatings that wear out.