Biometric Voice Authentication


Biometric Voice recognition system calculates vocal measurements of a person’s vocal tract. Sophisticated algorithms convert these measurements into a voice print – which is unique in nature.

Biometric Voice Authentication System is a biometric security system that uses spoken words by user to verify claimed identities over the phone or web.The core Voice authentication system technology is very different from other voice recognition systems that depend on comparing recordings or wave patterns.This uniqueness of Voice Authentication process provides the biometric device to deliver a range of ultra reliable and highly secure voice verified services.

Working of Biometric Voice Authentication:

Biometric Voice Authentication System involves the use of pitch, tone and rhythm of the speech to establish a unique pattern. This identity is recorded in the database of the biometric system for reference. Whenever a voice sample is fed as input for access, the matching is done for identification & authentication.

Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Biometric Voice Authentication System:

The accuracy of voice-based biometric authentication system can be affected by several factors. like illness, age, difference in the microphone setup, telephones,background noise.These parameters can affect the accuracy of authorization.

The accuracy of voice biometric system can be calculated on parameters like False Acceptance Rate (FAR), failure to enroll(FTE) & False Rejection Rate (FRR).

Advantages of Voice Recognition System:

  • Simple and easy to understand :The system is simple and easy to use and hence easily learn by the users. It takes input of voice for authentication. The user just need to speak out to the device.
  • Remote Authentication :Remote authentication is possible for biometric authentication system based on voice recognition. This enables the user to authorize his identity from a remote location through mobiles as well.
  • Fast Authentication : It takes very little time to enroll into the system by creating a voice print. A voice print is about 2–8 seconds of speech. Authentication process is also fast, taking only about 0.5 seconds.
  • Occupy Low Storage : The storage size of a voice print is very small. Hence it can be easily stored on in any device like the smart cards, databases, even on cell phones.
  • Low implementation cost :The cost of implementing the system is very low as it does not require any special device or hardware. A telephone or microphone is enough to serve the purpose.

Disadvantages of Voice Recognition System:

  • Not Highly Secure :It is not the most secure type of biometric authentication system when used as a standalone device. Better biometric security is offered when used in conjunction with another feature like passwords.
  • Voice Can Change :An individual’s voice is subject to changes owing to illness, age, etc. Hence discrepancies may arise during the authentication.