Dual IRIS Scanner-II is the Ideal Product For Enrollment and Verification Programmes


The Dual IRIS scanner – II, with automated iris acquisition for ease of use, simultaneously captures the best quality dual iris images .

The Dual IRIS scanner – II ensures clear in-focus iris images with the sharpest iris texture, unlike most auto focusing iris cameras; Dual IRIS scanner – II’s SDK greatly simplifies the application program development in the host PC and is both, powerful and easy to use.

Key benefits of Dual IRIS scanner – II:

  • Dual IRIS scanner – II’s proven algorithm = World’s best accuracy
  • Compact with USB interface = Easy hardware integration
  • Powerful and easy to use SDK = Removes the drudgeries of application software development.
  • Security Infrastructure = PKI encryption system
  • Local De-duplication and Powerful Quality Measurement available


  • Autocapture of binocular images
  • Safe infrared illumination at less than 2% of the LED Eye Safety Standard Regulation
  • Can produce ISO standard compliant images
  • Independent quality assessment of each eye
  • Do not need to install any drivers (use of UVC protocol)
  • Received certification from the Government of India’s Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC)


  • Portable & Desktop Multimodal Biometric Solution
  • Physical & Logical Access markets
  • Stationary and portable biometric kiosks
  • National Identity programs
  • Financial & Banking security
  • Law Enforcement & Border Control