eNBioScan-D Plus Dual Fingerprint Scanner

Introduction :

eNBioScan-D Plus is the advanced dual fingerprint scanner. The scanner delivers fast, accurate and reliable results for identification, verification and enrollment programs. Compared to a single-finger scan, a eNBioScan-D Plus image provides enhanced accuracy for identification and verification purposes-while reducing the time necessary to obtain a full enrollment.

Features of eNBioScan-D Plus are listed below:

  • Dual finger flat & Single finger flat/roll
  • Acquisition of FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix-F Certificate
  • Large fingerprint input window
  • Abrasion hardness(Moh’s hardness 7.4)
  • Auto-on functionality
  • – Detect a fingerprint automatically when put on the sensor
  • Indicator for user
  • – The buzzer sounds when the scanned process start or finish to guide for user.
  • It shows current status of fingerprint input type such as flat and roll.
  • Exact user verification and fast speed.
  • Support WSQ compression
  • Support ISO 19794-2 & ANSI 378

eNBioScan-D Applications :

  • e-Passport
  • Immigration
  • National ID
  • Searching lost children
  • Criminal Investigation (AFIS)