Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO)


Fingerprint Authentication System Software is developed by BioEnable Technologies. It is used for Registration, Verification and Identification of Fingerprint biometric data . Registration Module has very Simple wizard base registration form

Verification and Identification Module has got fingerprint engine which is able to match large fingerprint data in a small amount of time on a single PC.BioDesk-PRO application can be configured to run in Background, so that computer can also be used for other purposes (reception computer).

BioDesk-PRO application featured with “selectable biometric authentication”,which allows user to set default selected mode, e.g. if we select finger Verification or finger Identification then the selected process work continuously without any manual intervention.

Fig 1.0 BioDESK-PRO User Management

Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO) Features are listed below:

  • 1:1 matching with more accuracy and in less time.
  • 1:N matching with less FAR and FAR ratio.
  • Continuous logging in the identification mode.
  • Various security levels like Lowest,Below Normal,Normal(Default),Above Normal,High, Highest are present for identification/verification.
  • Separate password protected Admin area for User registration/updation.
  • Normal Application interface does not require credentials to allow Attendance on the first screen.
  • User registration with most of the common details like (User ID , user name , Registration date, User Position, Address ,
  • Description , Email , Personal number ,Expiry_date, Group name etc) regarding user.
  • Search registered user based on user name ,user ID , Group , User position , and also according to registration date.
  • Max 10 fingers and min 2 finger can be enrolled , so any one registered finger can be given for identification/verification.
  • User photo is registered which can be shown after fingerprint identification/verification.
  • Fingerprint identification/verification logs can only be seen by admin.
  • Admin can search logs based on user ID , Logs type (identification/verification) , date.
  • Admin can add users to particular Groups.
  • Various customization in scan time of scanner , result window show time can be done according to requirements.

Benefits :

  • Secure Fingerprint registration & verification system
  • Allow you to store personal information, fingerprints and photographs of the users in database
  • Verify the user Identity with one-to-one or one-to-many fingerprint matching
  • Auto-scanning option for operator free scanning and logging

Applications :

  • Employee attendance logging
  • Security Desk in Banks, Security installations
  • Member verification in Clubs, member organizations

Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO) supports following fingerprint scanners:

  • BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner
  • enBioScanC1
  • Live Fingerprint scanner : Fingkey Hamster Dx II
  • USB Fingerprint Scanner : Fingkey Hamster Dx