Green Bit Fingerprint MultiScan SDK


Fingerprint Software Developer Kit (SDK) is necessary tool for software developers to develop fingerprint recognition based applications. Fingerprint SDK allows your application to directly interact with USB port Fingerprint scanners and execute functions through high level Application Programming Interface (API) provided by SDK.

Software Structure:

Green Bit S.p.A’s MULTISCAN SDK is provided with two packets:

  • BASIC SDK: For device management and image acquisition.
  • FULL ENHANCED SDK : It provides a graphical user interface (GBMSGUI) and a library set for image processing (segmentation, image enhancement,matching score calculation for the sequence check,quality evaluation, image compression) and formatting (compliant with ANSI/NIST ITL 1-2007 standard).

MULTISCAN SDK Advantages :

  • A single development: by following Green Bit recommendations, the application can be developed once for a scanner and then can be reused for the other scanners supported by the SDK simply by a “plug and play”, because of the multi-device support and the definition of a unique acquisition process for all supported objects to be scanned.
  • The image acquisition process is fully managed by the libraries, so that the developer is sure of the procedure correctness.
  • A complete solution is offered by means of FULL ENHANCED SDK, that provides the full acquisition process from image acquisition and processing to an ANSI/NIST ITL 1-2007 file creation with the acquired objects.
  • GBMSGUI library complete source code (that provides a user-friendly device graphical interface, built on .NET and QT frameworks) and a lot of examples (including a complete acquisition process),in order to allow developers to fully customize their application.
  • Multi-language support: all libraries are provided with the standard C interface and wrappers for .NET and Java frameworks. Therefore the libraries are ready to be used with the all languages supported by the framework (C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET. Java and so on)
  • Complete access to device functionality.

Supported devices:

  • MultiScan500 (on Windows only at moment)
  • MultiScan1000 (on Windows only at moment)
  • DactyScan84
  • DactyScan84n
  • DactyScan84c
  • Visascan3 (on Windows only)
  • Poliscan2 (on Windows only)
  • DactyScan26 and DactyScan26i
  • DactyScan40 (on Windows only)
  • DactyScan40i