BioEnable has launched guard tour system which is a leading guard patrol verification system.BioEnable’s GTS records the presence of security personnel at given times and places. All GTS system equipment has been designed and tested to stand up to use in the extreme environmental conditions.

Guard Reader reads approved proximity tags (ibutton) automatically and can fully satisfy the data collection needs of both commercial and industrial applications.


Guard Reader is anti-vandal, anti-spamming, very easy to handle and low or negligible maintenance recognizes approved proximity tags automatically without any delay.

The Guard Reader is waterproof and having IP67 certified. Guard Reader requires low power consumption of the electronic Circuit. It requires 3 AAA commercial alkaline or ER 18505 batteries to power up.Guard Reader has an extremely high memory

capacity and can be used for long periods in the field without the need for intermediate readouts


The GTS Data Collection Unit, Guard Reader is available in a kit which provides the total solution for guard tour verification requirements and other data collection tasks. It contains everything needed to quickly and easily set up a complete guard tour

system. After Data collection task using Guard Reader, there is another device called Downloader-G which is used to take input

data stored in the Guard Reader and upload it to specified location.

Fig 1.0 GTS Kit


  • Guard Reader
  • Downloader-G Data transfer unit
  • SaaS based GTS Application
  • 10 Proximity tags/i-buttons with wallet.


  • Guarding.
  • Maintenance.
  • Recording of service activities.
  • Cleaning.
  • Attendance.


Guard Reader Specification :

  • Casing: Stainless steel body with rubber out shell
  • Waterproof: Completely waterproof-IP67
  • Battery used: 3AAA size alkaline batteries or ER 18505
  • Battery life: It supports about one year work
  • Reading type: i-button(VS 1990A)
  • Indicate: Vibrate and LED.
  • Memory storage: 120,000 logs
  • Size (LxWxH): 147*36*38(mm)
  • Operating range: 40F to 185F

Downloader-G Specification :

  • Casing: Aluminum alloy+ABS
  • Interface: USB
  • Size: 120*120*39(mm)
  • Connectivity: GPRS based.


Guard Reader has a built-in sensor that recognizes tags. When the reading head of the Guard reader directly touched to a tag, the unique code stored in the tag is read automatically detected and stored into the Guard Reader. Certain tags can be allocated to specific Check points, events, Personnel as per their use. A visual LED indication and vibrator signal confirms that the data has been read correctly. After successful data read by reader, the data can be downloaded and uploaded by using Downloader-G device which is having GPRS connectivity. Guard reader is inserted to Downloader-G socket and data from Guard reader downloaded by single button click i.e GREEN button and downloaded data can be uploaded to specified server using RED button present on Downloader-G device.

Fig 2.0 Guard Reader Marking Attendance on Checkpoint.


SaaS based application will be provided to the user with its login details. Management and reporting task can be done using the same.