High Level Solution Work-flow of Infant Security Solution

Registration process: Infant and mother comes at the registration desk, where all the required things for enrollment is placed like Wireless tags, fingerprint slap scanner, iris scanner, footprint scanner, webcam etc.

registration process includes details like name of parents, address, phone number, email id etc plus mother 10 fingerprints, infant footprints, mother photo, infant photo, details of Wireless tags of mother and infant

When mother and baby give its registration details (specified in above paragraph), it sent to server where we check for de-duplication, after de-duplication check the mother and infant/baby registered successfully. (See below diagram)

Fig 1.0 High Level Solution Workflow

After completing registration process, system offers following

  • Tracking and monitoring: here system track baby and its mother continuously from distance, it also keeps record of each activity. If there is any un-authorized action detected then system send proper alerts to respective hospital authority
  • Reporting: here complete reporting details can be viewed by infant’s parents and concern hospital authority
  • Integration: integration to third party application is easily possible, there are different hospital modules like visitor management system, hospital management information system