Infant Security Solution with Guard Tour System

Introduction :

Guard Tour System comes with the Infant Security solution, it can be widely used in many kinds of field,such as public security bureau, railway, army, post, telecommunication, mobile communication, grain warehouses, petroleum industry, public traffic, highway, enterprise and commercial centers, hotels, technical building and living communities.

Basic purpose of this in our scenario is to check whether the security guard have visited his predefined places or not. Security guard is having one RFID reader, when he visits any location he just make that RFID reader in front of RFID tag which is fixed at that location, so that automatically that place is mark as visited for that security guard.

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The Card Reading Mode is contact-less, it has sounds accompanied by a”beep” and indicator light when reading successfully. The record storing Capacity is 30,000 , Battery: 3.6V rechargeable lithium,meet the GBT18287-2000 standard.

Reader is waterproof and resistant to shock,because it has aluminum alloy body and molder rubber shell and imported material for the inner spare parts,specially design for the harshest environments.