Infant/Child Security Solution – Biometrics Verification


BioEnable’s ISS (Infant/Child Security System) has two types of verification i.e Wireless tag verification and Biometrics verification

Biometrics verification is the process in which the mother and baby matched with their biometric details .Here in ISS we take fingerprint and footprint details for verification.

The biometric verification is elaborated below:

  • At the time of registration process , Infant and mother need to submit registration details like name of parents, address, phone number, email id etc plus mother 10 fingerprints, infant footprints, mother photo, infant photo, details of Wireless tags of mother and infant
  • When mother and baby give its registration details (specified in above paragraph), it sent to server where system checks for De-duplication, after De-duplication check , the mother and infant/baby registered successfully. (see Fig 1.0)

Fig 1.0 Mother and Baby Registration Process Overview

  • Mother and baby visit Identification/Verification desk ,which is present at hospital level.after that the operator takes baby footprint details and send those details for central server.central server gives response for the baby identification. if baby is identified, in the system as registered baby, then operator takes mother ‘s fingerprints and verifies against recorded fingerprints of the Baby’s Mother For Biometric verification.(see Fig 2.0 )