Iris Based Time Attendance Kit


Every individual has unique biometric data and individual’s behavioral or physiological characteristics have the capability to reliably distinguish between authorized and un-authorized person. Since biometric characteristics are distinctive, cannot be forgotten or lost and the person to be authenticated needs to be physically present at the point of identification.

Among all biometrics Iris biometrics has become most popular because it has various advantages like greater speed, simplicity and accuracy as compared to other biometric techniques.

BioEnable has launched Biometric Iris Based Attendance System Kit which is more reliable and are capable than traditional techniques.

Kit Contents:

  • Iris Scanner ( Quantity : 1 Nos)
  • Iris Recognition Software Application ( CD Containing Drivers and Computer Based Iris Recognition Software Application Setup)

Please see below snapshot for Iris Based Attendance System Kit.

Fig 1.0 Iris Scanner

Fig 2.0 Iris Recognition Software Application

Advantages of the Iris for Identification

  • Highly protected, internal organ of the eye
  • Externally visible; patterns imaged from a distance
  • Iris patterns possess a high degree of randomness
    • variability: 244 degrees-of-freedom
    • entropy: 3.2 bits per square-millimeter
    • uniqueness: set by combinatorial complexity
  • Changing pupil size confirms natural physiology
  • Pre-natal morphogenesis (7th month of gestation)
  • Limited genetic penetrate of iris patterns
  • Patterns apparently stable throughout life

Features of Iris Recognition Software Application

  • Easy Integration : It can be easily integrated to other softwares like HRMS, SmartSuite etc
  • Highly Customized User Interface
  • Logs management : This module stores every authentication log details also it offers export log functionality to different format
  • User Management : User can be categories in different groups to maintain each department record in the organization separately.
  • 1:1 Authentication Time < 0.5 sec
  • 1:N Authentication Time < Approx 1 sec ( for 10000 Users)

Benefits of Iris Based Attendance System Kit

  • Multiple Device Support : Application can be used with other defined biometric products. (Optional)
  • Cost effective.
  • Increases Work Efficiency of the Employees.
  • Reduces Manual Errors


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