Nitgen Hamster DX (HFDU06) Single Fingerprint Scanner

Introduction :

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster ( HFDU06) is a fingerprint recognition device that supports various OS and it has USB interface and is suitable for PC security solutions.

The Nitgen Fingkey Hamster (HFDU06) is a biometric security device which uses a high resolution, maintenance free optical sensor, is compatible with various operating systems and USB interfaces, to provide a seamless PC security solution.

The Fingkey hamster and Nitgen hamster II can be incorporated with fingerprint based SDKs to provide customized software solutions. This easy to use, compact, ruggedly designed device measures 27.2 X 40.4 X 73.3 and is compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8,Unix,Android providing a perfect platform for client/server and internet security based applications.

The device based on a reliable, and maintenance free optical fingerprint sensor, lasts for a long period of time; however, one should take care that the operating temperatures fall within the range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. The highly responsive image sensors guarantee high resolution images at 500 dpi; this, along with the portability of the device makes it an excellent choice for biometric based fingerprinting applications.

MIC, CE, FCC and WHQL certifications guarantee that standards as to quality and reliability are met at all times providing a reliable platform for fingerprint recognition, verification, authentication and scanning based applications. This device has been used in applications as diverse as banking and finance, fingerprint access control, fingerprint based computer login, medical information systems, E-Commerce, B2B transactions, fingerprint base time and attendance applications, etc.

The scanner has an upgraded Firmware and is also called Nitgen Hamster DX.Nitgen Fingkey Hamster ( HFDU06) has False Rejection Ratio less than 0.001 % and False Acceptance Ratio less than 0.0001%