SmartSuite–M Android Application For Time Attendance


SmartSuite – M is a mobile version of the original SmartSuite application.SmartSuite is a comprehensive web based time & Attendance Management software. Being a web based time attendance HRMS solution , our SmartSuite software can be accessed by user id/employee from anywhere anytime on the web provided you have an active internet connection and supported browser program.

Key features of SmartSuite application :

1. Organization Chart

2. Detailed Employee Record Management

3. Leave Management

4. Attendance Management

5. Shift Management

6. Extensive Reports and Charts etc.

SmartSuite – M Android Application :

SmartSuite – M is an added service to increase the usability and accessibility of the existing SmartSuite application. Using SmartSuite – M you can always be connected with your time and attendance management system. Below are the some key features you can use on your mobile with the help of SmartSuite – M mobile application

Key features of SmartSuite – M application :

1. One time login with personnel Security Code.

2. Attendance Management:

  • User can mark his/her attendance from anywhere using the attendance module.
  • GPS location has been recorded as soon user marks the attendance.
  • Using the same module use can see week wise previous attendance log.
  • This module also gives the details about current average log in time.
  • Attendance roaster will give the facility to supervisor to mark attendance of his/ her employees just with one click. *

3. Leave Management

  • User can apply for the leave using the leave management module.
  • Supervisor can see leave applications for his/her employees and can approve the leave applications using the same module.*
  • User can check status of his/her leave applications. Status can be New,Approved(paid/unpaid), unapproved etc.
  • User can also see the complete leave application and can cancel the leave application with this module. *

4. Task Management *

  • Supervisor can assign tasks to his/her employees using task management module.
  • Employee can get alerts for the new assigned task.
  • Also User can see and add followups to individual task assigned to him.
  • Using this module supervisor can view all the activities throughout the task completion with some extensive reports.

5. Shift Management :

  • Using this supervisor can allot shift to his/her employees.
  • User can get new shift roaster as a notification on mobile and can see shift allotted to him/her.

6. Message *

  • Using this module anyone using this application can chat or send messages to everyone.
  • user will get the alerts for the new chat and messages.

7. Interactive Maps *

  • Using this supervisor can see all the activities of employees with the reference of inbuilt Google map.
  • Maps will show the complete activity map with markers having activity related text on it.

SmartSuite – M Application Snapshots:

Note :

1. Features marked as * are under development phase. Will be available with next


2. This application works in Sync with SmartSuite Demo Web Server. Existing

SmartSuite customers can configure their own Server under account setup in

this application. Contact for more details.

Android Application Download Link :

This application supports android OS versions 4.1.0,4.2.0 or lower versions.