STQC Certified Biometric Product

Single Fingerprint Scanner are widely used for Authentication process as user needs to register with its 10 fingerprint and at the time of authentication user need to give only single finger for authentication against previously stored 10 fingerprints

enBioScan-C1(HFDU08) is single fingerprint USB scanner equipped with fingerprint identification module FDU08 (FBI PIV Certified) to acquire high-resolution images with the most rugged and advanced optical sensor in comfortable, ergonomic design ensuring superior performance, accuracy and durability based on unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology.

eNBioScan-C1, the FBI certified single finger scanner by the BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd., was awarded STQC certification. SQTC is an office attached to the Department of Electronic and Information Technology, Government of India and the scanner provided great results in the performance field-testing conducted by the office.

The certification means a lot the future of the device and certifies that the same is safe and reliable when it comes to meeting the project requirements.