Trans V1 with FP scanner


Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP is a unique device launched by BioEnable that will revolutionize the way you do business.

Trans v1 is a powerful mobile payment terminal provided with secure ARM9 CPU, 24M large memory, compact design, and supports GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless communication methods and multi-application.

The device comes with RS232 serial port with RJ11 connector.So, additional peripherals can also be attached to this port.

Key Features:Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP

  • PCI V1.3, online & offline certified
  • EMV2000 Level I & II Certified
  • Elegant and slim design, convenient swiping card vertically
  • Large capacity battery, over 250 transactions per charge
  • Powerful transceiver to capture weak radio signaling to ensure reliable transaction
  • Powerful ARM9 (200MHz), 32-bit, outstanding performance in mass data and EMV transactions
  • 24MB memory, support downloading many applications simultaneously
  • Embedded wireless communication module, GPRS, /CDMA/ WiFi (optional)
  • Ergo-designed built-in PIN Pad with extra dust and water proof
  • High speed thermal printer, up to 28 lines/sec, support Out-of-paper detection and printing double-layer paper
  • Support multi-application, remote download for applications and parameters.

Applications of Fingerprint Mobile Data Terminal – Trans v1 FP

  • Mobile Time Attendance in Bus/Cars
  • School Attendance System
  • Membership Management System
  • Visitor Management System