UIDAI Aadhaar Authentication Benefits

Benefits of Aadhaar Authentication :

UIDAI Aadhaar Authentication has several benefits which are listed below:

1.Identity Management :

  • Adding new beneficiaries – Aadhaar authentication can be used as proof of identity and proof of address to extend basic social welfare programs . It could be used for identity proof by residents in banking & telecom sectors.
  • Confirming beneficiary –Various programs where beneficiaries need to be confirmed before delivery of the service can use Aadhaar authentication. This will ensure that the targeted beneficiary is not denied entitlement.
  • Attendance management – Can be used in programs (SSA,NREGA) where financial outlay is linked to beneficiary attendance can use Aadhaar authentication for attendance tracking.
  • Financial transactions –One of the biggest benefits of Aadhaar-based authentication is expected to be in financial inclusion segment. Micro-ATM devices using Aadhaar authentication have the potential of changing financial landscape of the country.
  • Access control –Aadhaar authentication could be used to control access/entry to restricted areas.

2. Improving Efficiency & Transparency in Service Delivery :

  • Track delivery process –Aadhaar authentication if implemented across the service delivery process / supply chain will help stop leakages and diversions, and help for delivery.
  • Demand-driven, portable service delivery –Since beneficiaries can authenticate their Aadhaar anywhere, delivery processes can make to delivery more flexible & favourable to the beneficiaries.
  • Access to relevant MIS (Management Information System) and empowerment of beneficiary –Aadhaar can be used to empower beneficiaries and provide self-help facilities for activities such as checking their entitlements, services delivery timeline, log grievances etc through self-service kiosks, mobile phones, call centres etc.
  • Accountability / vigilance –Aadhaar-based authentication can also be used for authenticating officials / members responsible for service delivery, audits, vigilance etc.

3.Address and Demographic Verification:

  • Address verification –Address verification, which is a key requirement for providing services like telephone connection, banking products, could be done through Aadhaar- authentication. This is expected to reduce the cost of KYC & at the same time provide a reliable verification mechanism.
  • Demographic data verification –Demographic data like age and gender can be verified through Aadhaar authentication.